Zinc Alloy Die Casting Technology

Although the Die Casting process has a lot of advantages, but the zinc alloy Die Casting is still not perfect, I plant today to talk about these simple problems.
First, the types of Die Casting alloys are subject to restrictions: Die Casting mold by the use of temperature restrictions, because some of the alloy melting point is too high, resulting in its supporting Die Casting mold life is too low, so that high cost, difficult to apply to the actual production. At present, the alloy used for Die Casting production is mainly zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and copper alloy and other non-ferrous metals.Second, the surface of the stamping die often exist: high temperature stomatal gas expansion will make the surface of the die casting bubble, seriously affecting the appearance of die casting, reducing the overall quality of zinc alloy die casting. Therefore, the die casting is generally not heat treatment and welding, it is not appropriate to work at high temperatures.Third, the size of die castings: Die Casting mold size by the Die Casting machine clamping force and its size constraints, so Die Casting process is only applicable to the production of small and medium-sized castings, and can not be applied to large castings. Similarly, for the concave complex die casting, Die Casting molds and the reasons for the limitations of its Die Casting production is also more difficult.In the existing casting method, with the pressure casting method to produce the casting, with high precision, smooth surface, good mechanical properties, high productivity and some other characteristics. But whether to play these characteristics, the first depends on the design of the die casting is reasonable.Poor die structure of the structure is not only to Die Casting mold manufacturing, Die Casting process to bring all kinds of difficulties, but also difficult to guarantee the quality of the Die Casting method of technical and economic effects difficult to show. In the economy, the technology is often not the desired effect, but mistakenly believe that die casting method does not have the advantages.Zinc alloy Die Casting mold in the manufacturing process sometimes need to be processed to make the mold more in line with the requirements, and the choice of mold materials.
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