World’s Deepest High Speed Train Station to be Built Under Great Wall

The world’s deepest train station is now Arsenalna, in Kiev’s metro system, at 105 meters underground. In China, at the Badaling section of the Great Wall, the construction of the world’s deepest high speed train station has already started. The trains will be running at depths of over 100 meters.

The new high speed railway is supposed to be functioning by 2022, just in time for the winter Olympics, which will be held in and around Beijing. The line will connect Beijing to the ski town of Zhangjiakou to allow easy and quick access to the city.

The rail line will carry parallel to the Great Wall at times and the train tunnel will operate at 432 meters underground. The station at Badaling is scheduled to open in 2019; it is expected to be slightly shallower in depth than Arsenalna, at 102 meters, and will measure 36,000 m2, which also makes it largest high speed train station in the world.

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