Why do the wrenches and the first board still have CNC machining tools ?

In essence, the Shouban is the same as the Shouban. It belongs to the engineering model and is drawn by computer. However, there are subtle differences between the two. The word Shouban originated in the 1990s and was introduced by Taiwan. The hand board is divided into a clay hand board and a plaster hand board. At that time, the industrialization process was relatively backward, and 90% of the processes needed to be completed by hand, so it was called a hand board. However, due to the long production cycle and the immature process, it is difficult to color, so the hand plate was limited to the product shape. And the first board, as the name suggests, is the meaning of the word "first". As industrialization matures, the hand board and the first board become more and more assimilated into two common vocabulary. Today, the hand board is divided into: SLA hand board and CNC hand board. The obvious difference between the two is reflected in the processing method. The former is a bad news. Processing, the latter is to reduce processing.
The knife strike incident is traceable. After the actual inspection, the machining center is difficult to repair and costly, and the machining parts are mainly guaranteed by the precision of the machine tool. Once the equipment accident occurs, the machine tool accuracy will be seriously reduced. In fact, the method of avoiding is also very simple. Before simulating the machining, you should first confirm whether the machine is locked. Then, after the air run simulation, check whether it returns to the reference point, because the coordinates do not match the actual position when the program is checked. At this time, the reference point return method must be used to ensure the coordinate consistency. When running in the specified line, 
You must first call the coordinate system on the cnc machining center in Dongguan. For example, the machining center must first call the coordinate system such as G54 and the length compensation value of the knife. Because the length compensation value of each knife is different, it may cause a collision if it is not called.
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