Why color stainless steel drawing board in decoration industry for a long grace

Drawing board is also known as matte stainless steel plate. Its surface has like a silky texture. Compared to the general light surface wear resistant stainless steel plates, seems to be more on the level. Drawing is just a process, and there is no relationship with the type of stainless steel, that is, ordinary stainless steel plate can also be made the drawing board. The drawing board can also be plated, electroplated and other coloring process, the common colors are: titanium, rose gold, champagne gold, rose red, wine red, black titanium, coffee red, sapphire blue, emerald green, colorful and so on. To the drawing board plating color, can greatly improve the value of its decoration.






Because the drawing board not only has very engaging visual effect, but also has excellent fingerprint resistant, scratch resistant, anti grease, easy to clean performance. In recent years, many brand launched the notebook will be the drawing board shell. At the same time, in interior design, the different colors of the drawing board can create a different atmosphere and style. And the drawing board has very strong metal texture, texture clear, even with a strong temperature resistance, weather resistance, fire resistance, and stain resistance, which is a trendy new high-grade decorative materials, especially suitable for high-grade integrated ceiling, combined suspended ceiling, interior wall decoration and exterior pane of high-end household appliances.

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