Which parts are suit for precision CNC machining ?

In the processing industry, the merchants will process the cnc machining products, but not all of them can be processed. We must understand whether we can do them. What are the parts that can be processed by precision parts ? Are there many CNC machining parts ?
 1. Processing of complete sets of parts for mechanical equipments and industrial automation equipment:
 Such as: metal parts, panels, cabinets, complete sets of processing, and external disposal.
 2. Processing of single-piece non-standard mechanical parts / CNC machining parts:Such as: a variety of precision parts processing copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, 45 #, CR12, acrylic sheet, steel, wood, aluminum, ABS, POM nylon and other specifications of the common data processing (non-zero Accessories processing, non-standard mechanical parts, active machine parts, various hardware processing, CNC machining parts / Non-standard parts processing, active mechanical parts processing).
 Precision CNC parts processing
3. Batch precision parts processing:Such as: CNC lathe processing, CNC computer processing, active lathe processing.
 Processing equipment: general lathe, active lathe, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC turning and milling machine (moving heart meter), grinding machine, CNC (machining center), tapping machine, punching machine and other supporting processing equipments.
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