Which machine is better between CNC machining center and Carving milling machine

First, the cnc machining center or a good milling machine?CNC machining centers and engraving and milling machines are relatively common mechanical devices. Both have similarities and different places. If it is hard to say whether CNC machining centers are good or they are well-carved and milled, it is difficult to have an accurate answer. There is no way to compare the usefulness. The merits of the two can only be compared in some small areas.Second, the rigidity is a good CNC machining center or a good milling machineThe rigidity of the non-moving part of the CNC machining center is very good, and the rigidity of the moving part is also very good, enabling heavy cutting. The rigidity of the non-moving part of the engraving and milling machine is good, and the moving part is more flexible because of the requirements of the engraving and milling machine, so the rigidity of this part is worse than that of the CNC machining center.Third, the spindle speed is fast CNC machining center or milling machineCNC machining center spindle speed requirements are generally 0-8000rpm, although high-speed machining center can achieve high speed, but on the whole, it is still relatively high requirements of engraving and milling machine speed, engraving and milling machine requires high-speed CNC system, spindle speed is generally 3000-30000rpm, some specific engraving and milling spindle speed is even higher than high-speed machining center.Fourth, CNC machining center and milling machine processing range is differentCNC machining centers are used to machine large-volume workpieces for heavy cutting. The engraving and milling machine is generally used for processing equipment with a small amount of cutting or soft metal, and is commonly used for lettering.In general, if you are hard to compare, it is impossible to distinguish between high and low, such as heavy milling can not use engraving and milling machines, machining centers in the fine lettering is useless, can only say that both have their own characteristics and In the field of action, tough comparisons cannot be made.
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