What Kind Of Material Rolling Pins Are Better

What is rolling pins?What Kind Of Material Rolling Pins Are BetterRolling pin is a basic pastry tool used to prepare dough for baking. Generally speaking, pins for shaping and flattening dough have different styles. And the two most popular type on market are “French pin” and dowel.These two different rolling pins are very different.“French Pin”, as its name shows, it is a French-style pin: a solid wooden cylinder that's slender in diameter with no handles. Having no handle is the most significant difference between French style pins and dowel rolling pins.A dowel, which sometimes be called a “straight” rolling pin, generally earn more baker’s preference because they can save effort at the meanwhile“feelthe dough in their hands as they handle the pin.When handle a slightly thicker dough, compared with rolling pins, French style pins though not so much weight that it felt burdensome. However, the tapered French design provides superior control, making it easy to sense the dough's thickness underneath your hands as you're rolling.Bakers different choice is based on their different needs.Whats more, except the style, the material is another important factor people will consider when they buy rolling pins.What Kind Of Material Rolling Pins Are BetterHow many kinds materials rolling pins we can find on market?Generally speaking, wooden material, glass material, metal material and silicone material rolling pins are three kinds common products we can buy.And rolling pins made from a single piece of tight-grained hardwoods such as boxwood or beech wood is most popular.Wooden rolling pins need to be wiped with food grade mineral oil to create a waterproof seal on a purpose of keeping pastry from sticking to it.Rolling pins which usually made from glass or metal are often hollow because glass and stainless steels are always slightly weightSilicone is a kind of waterproof material has a lighter weight than metal material, so silicone rolling pins become a more and more popular products.

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