What is the impact of precision CNC machining parts ?

The manufacturer's production is related to mechanical equipment. The development of mechanical equipment is because the current industry, the machines required by the manufacturers, now with the help of machinery, our workload, effect, speed is much faster, but However, although there is the help of mechanical equipment, it is so high in the face of the quality requirements of customers. Naturally, the precision of the processing process is high, such as precision cnc machining.What are the precise CNC machining methods ?      Digitally controlled contour systems are widely used on milling machines, including a wide range of process capabilities, simple, reliable and inexpensive phase systems that are used in many plants, especially for the machining of precision mechanical parts for large three-dimensional profiles. . Properly programmed control procedures are one of the main conditions for ensuring the quality of precision mechanical parts. For digital program control phase systems, the preparation of the control program is performed by an automated program preparation system whose quality level is highly dependent on the price at which the control program is prepared. Others are machining errors that result from manual control of the equipment, including accidental and systematic errors in the process system.
What are the precise machining methods ?The systematic error plays a major role in all machining errors. For the whole of precision mechanical parts, it will cause a series of numerical control process system errors, including the following aspects: 1. Clearance. The consequences are like the insensitive band in the machine drive chain, but do not include the reverse drive chain clearance 2. The amplification factor of the unstable drive. 3. Phase error recorded on the control program tape. 4. The periodic step instability of the sensor feedback, the main form is the phase form instability. At the same time, it should be pointed out that the discontinuity of the transmission is the cause of the corrugation error of the machining system. This error is more obvious when processing the straight section with a small angle between the curved section and the coordinate axis, because any curve contour can usually be regarded as The combination of a straight line segment and an arc.
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