What is the definition of tool setting for precision parts processing and what are the tool setting devices?

1. Definition of knife setting

For machining parts on the machining center, the installation position of the workpiece on the machine tool is arbitrary. In order to correctly execute the program of precision parts processing, the precise position of the workpiece in the machine tool coordinate system must be determined. The tool setting of the machining center refers to the operation process of finding the spatial relationship between the workpiece coordinate system and the machine coordinate system. In short, the tool setting is to tell the machine tool the position of the workpiece on the machine table.

In order to ensure the machining accuracy requirements of the workpiece, the tool setting position should be selected as far as possible on the design basis or machining basis of the part. If the center point of the hole on the part or the intersection of two mutually perpendicular contour edges is used as the tool setting position, the corresponding accuracy requirements should be put forward for these tool setting positions, and preparations should be made before the tool setting.

2. Tool setting device

The tool setter (or aligner) is an instrument used to determine the relative position of the tool and the workpiece when machining precision parts. Commonly used tool setting devices include: tool setting gauge blocks, mechanical aligners, mechanical eccentric edge finder; electronic tool setting devices, electronic edge finder, mechanical Z direction tool setting devices, etc.

3. There are two types of tool setting instruments: external tool setting instruments and internal tool setting instruments

For precision parts processing, the use of non-machine tool setting tools for tool setting does not take up the time of the machine tool, thereby increasing the utilization rate of the CNC machine tool. However, this tool setting method must be executed together with the tool and the tool holder.

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