what are titanium bar advantages of transplantion?

As a substitute material for artificial joints and artificial bone, the medical titanium bar has the following basic properties: light and high-strength material with biocompatibility and corrosion resistance, the tissue reaction of the implant in vivo does not cause material deterioration, fatigue caused by repeated stress and less damage, etc.

The most important properties of metal implants are shape, machining, and polishing. They must remain functional throughout their expected life and will not degrade under fatigue, abrasion, corrosion, and impact loads. Titanium and titanium alloys meet all of the above requirements.

The titanium material used for surgical transplantation is mainly pure titanium and ti-6al-4veli alloy. Recently, the transplanted materials ti-6al-7nb and ti-13nb1-13zr with good compatibility with human body have also obtained the ASTM standard approval.

Titanium rods are used to make artificial bone, on which cells can regenerate and bones can grow. Titanium has a good affinity with human bone, epithelium and tissue. In order to improve the surface quality of the implant material connected with human bone, it is also an effective method to apply bioceramic layer to the roughened surface.

At present, titanium and titanium alloy titanium equipment, titanium coil, titanium heat exchanger, titanium reaction kettle, titanium evaporator, has been widely used in artificial bone and joint, artificial bone, joint foot plate, broken bone fixator, bone marrow nail, artificial heart valve, cranium, etc. According to statistics, China's annual demand for titanium alloy artificial joints exceeds 5,000 sets, with good clinical application results.

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