What are the surface treatments of CNC machined Aluminum alloy materials ?

We all know that the computer processing cnc machining industry is very popular in the industry, because its various performance characteristics are more in line with people's requirements, and the processed effect is also relatively good, then the computer is processing aluminum alloy. such as: Alu 7075, Alu 6082, Alu 2017. 
What are the surface treatments?Geometrical characteristics of the surface Surface roughness Surface roughness refers to the micro geometry error of the machined surface. In Figure 5-8(a), R. Indicates the arithmetic mean deviation of the roughness profile. The surface roughness is usually formed by the trajectory of the cutting tool in machining, and the ratio of wavelength to wave height is generally less than 50.
Surface Waviness Surface crossing is a periodic geometric error between the macro geometric shape error (Δ*) and the micro geometry error (ie roughness). In Fig. 5 (b), A represents the height of the waviness. The surface waviness is usually caused by the low frequency vibration of the process system during processing, and the ratio of the length to the wave height is generally 50 to 10 ∞ 0.

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