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  When the stone cnc router is working, it will often cause the knife to break. This will be a headache. How can such a thing happen? Today I would like to share with everyone the original intention and solution of the stone cnc router often cut off:

  1. Whether the raw materials have residues, and whether the strength of the raw materials has become too large. Long-term hand-carving of high-tenacity raw materials, damage to the CNC blade and broken edges are inevitable. Every hand-carving is closely related to the hand-carving rate. Like hand-carved mahogany, if the rate is adjusted too large, the knife will break. surely.

  2. The stone cnc router did not disassemble and replace the CNC blade during long-term work, which caused the CNC blade itself to be greatly affected in strength, compressive strength, and sharpness. If the instantaneous speed is not controlled well, then the knife break is of course. Therefore, it is stipulated to check whether the CNC blade is damaged. If the damage is more serious, replace it as soon as possible. Because the damaged CNC blade is not only not good for the actual effect of hand engraving, but also not good for the stone cnc router itself. In order to save so little and greedy the small and lose the big, it will cause more damage.

  3. Is the CNC lathe of the stone cnc router suitable for the production and processing of such raw materials? Is the CNC lathe of the stone cnc router placed on a level surface? If it is not leveled, it will cause the tool to break.

  4. Is the speed ratio of the servo motor too low? If the speed ratio of the servo motor is too low, the amount of cutting tool per tooth will increase, and the cutting speed will increase, which will cause the tool to break. Generally speaking, people It is better for the applied spindle bearing speed ratio to be higher.

  5. Is there dust on the top of the CNC blade and the chuck? The dust in the collet must be cleaned up and clean, otherwise the CNC blades are all very easy to break, and whether the cutting range is too large. Whether the collet and nut are intact. Whether the extension of the CNC blade becomes larger is critical.

  6. The program programming of the stone cnc router is incorrect, and the depth of the cutting tool programmed by the program is very large. If the tool durability is set to be too large, it exceeds the bearing capacity of the CNC blade. The CNC blade is too thin, which makes it impossible to cut and breaks the CNC blade.

  7. The level decision of the operator of the CNC lathe of the stone cnc router, the personal behavior of the operator of the CNC lathe, the cutting tool, the cutting tool accidentally breaks the CNC blade.

  8. The key is related to the strength, compressive strength, sharpness of the CNC blade of the stone cnc router, the length of the extension of the CNC blade, and the smoothness of the rake face of the CNC blade. This requires the customer to select all normal CNC blades for production and processing before production and processing.

  9. The raw material being produced is harder than the CNC blade. The selected CNC blade is wrong. If the speed ratio of the CNC lathe of the stone cnc router is too fast, the knife will be broken. For example, there are nails and other metal materials on the countertop of the seaming machine. The CNC blades for marble production and processing cannot be drilled, and the spindle bearing speed ratio for the production and processing of marble is too fast, which will cause the tool to break.

  10. No freezing fluid or cutting oil is sprayed. Like the production and processing of marble, or raw materials with a little hard material, a lot of heat must be generated during the whole process of manual engraving. If there is no immediate cooling, the CNC blade will overheat, become loose, and then be more severely damaged, then the resulting knife will not be broken. It's free.

  11. The relevant elements of the surrounding natural environment include whether there is an earthquake source in the surrounding area, and whether the working voltage shown is stable. Whether the relative path of the relevant elements of the automatic control system has been smoothed, and whether the priority selection method is appropriate, it immediately harms the starting rate of the CNC lathe. The higher the starting rate, the more likely it is to cause vibration, which is very easy to cause tooling. Off. The relevant elements of the auxiliary machinery and equipment are whether the milling surface is smooth, whether the secondary drilling is prevented, and the more critical is the problem of cutting.

  12. Is the switching power supply shown by the stone cnc router stable? Unsteady switching power supply will also cause the stone cnc router to break.

  13. Is the preferred method of stone cnc router normal? It immediately harms the starting rate of the CNC lathe. The higher the starting rate, the more likely it is to cause vibration, and it is very easy to cause the tool to break.

  14. Is the milling of the auxiliary machinery smooth? Does it prevent secondary drilling? The most important thing is the problem of tool loading.

  All in all, most of these are related to the speed. The cutting tool is moved too fast, or the speed ratio is insufficient, the CNC blade is too blunt, the production and processing eats a large amount of the tool, the CNC blade clamping length is not enough, the CNC blade shakes, the boring tool is It’s not in the same boat. Is the CNC blade setting in the mobile phone software consistent with the specific application of the CNC blade? When manually engraving hard raw materials, you should set different main parameters of manual engraving and apply different CNC blades based on different raw materials. These kinds of things will pay more attention to their daily work and learn from experience.

  When the CNC blade is suddenly broken during the entire operation of the stone cnc router, please stop or terminate the operation immediately. Then remember the current assembler number, which has to be used later. After the spindle bearing is completely rotated and stopped, replace the new CNC blade. Since most of the CNC blades are manually replaced, it will inevitably cause the aspect ratio to change in a certain position. At this moment, you only need to use the tool block to make it clear again. The starting point can be. After the clear end, look for the "advanced just start" function under the actual operation list. The prompt box stipulates to enter the line segment number at the beginning. This segment number refers to the number recorded when the device is terminated at the beginning. The number is smaller than the recorded number, and the actual number should be determined based on the time when the knife was detected. If you find it late, subtract some big numbers. After the default setting of the segment number is completed, the document can be set. That way, the CNC machine tool stone cnc router can be fully automatic and the unfinished part can be engraved again by hand.

  The most important part of the whole process is to refer to which segment number, according to this segment number, can the continuous carving be carried out. If this large number is not recorded immediately when the knife is broken, it will be difficult to handle the next work, and it is very likely that all the previous processes have been used for nothing.

  The above is the reason for the broken knife in the stone carving opportunity. Just a little attention when using it. Please look forward to more tips~

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