What are the factors that affect the processing quality of metal stamping parts?

In our daily life, metal stamping parts are everywhere. So how does the precision metal stamping parts factory ensure the quality of metal stamping parts? Seeing whether the metal stamping manufacturer can do the following points can basically know the quality of the metal stamping parts. The details are as follows:
   1. Chemical analysis and metallographic examination
  Material analysis, the content of chemical elements determines the level of grain size and uniformity of the material, the evaluation material of free cementite in non-metallic inclusions, the band structure and level, and the inspection of material shrinkage, pores and other defects.
  2. Material inspection
  The processing materials of metal stamping parts are mainly hot-rolled or cold-rolled (mainly cold-rolled) sheet metal materials. The raw material certificates of metal stamping parts should have quality assurance to ensure that the materials meet the technical requirements. When there is no quality certificate or other reasons, the metal stamping parts manufacturer can select the raw materials that need to be re-inspected according to the requirements.3. Forming performance test
   Perform bending tests and cupping tests on the material, determine the material strain hardening index n value and the plastic strain ratio r value, etc. In addition, for the steel plate formability test method, follow the specified sheet metal forming performance and test method.Previous: What must be paid attention to when processing precision hardware?Next: The stamping process characteristics of precision metal stamping parts

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