What are the advantages of cnc processing compared to general CNC machining?

It is possible to process continuous, smooth free-form surfaces that cannot be machined in general three-axis or that are difficult to machine in one setup. Such as aero-engine and steam turbine blades, propellers for ships, and many shells and molds with special curved surfaces and complex cavities, holes, etc., such as ordinary three-axis CNC, due to the tool relative to the workpiece The pose angle cannot be changed during the machining process. When machining some complex free-form surfaces, it is possible to generate interference or under-process (ie, not process). When machining with a five-axis machine tool, since the position angle of the tool/workpiece can be adjusted at any time during the machining process, the interference of the tool workpiece can be avoided and all the machining can be completed in one clamping;
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