What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Blasting Plates?

In recent years, sandblasting boards have been squeezed into the ranks of decorative materials by virtue of their own advantages. The strong grainy visual sense combined with the original cool-colored stainless steel creates a visual experience in the future and greatly enhances the user’s use. Feelings and service life are generally not long, the price is closer to people, basically within the public acceptable range, but because sandblasting is a process known to outsiders, so today we will tell us about various stainless steel sandblasting boards.

Sand blasting: forming a high-speed jet beam with compressed air as the power, and spraying materials (glass sand, steel sand, zircon sand, etc.) to the surface of the workpiece to be processed at a high speed, so that the outer surface of the workpiece changes to obtain a uniform thickness distribution. Macro roughness. surface. The fatigue resistance of the workpiece is improved by improving the mechanical properties of the abrasive on the surface of the workpiece.

Sandblasted stainless steel is also a popular product in the color stainless steel plate industry. After electroplating, it has become the second largest process in the industry. It improves the surface finish after sandblasting on a smooth stainless steel surface. Second, it increases the uniformity of the entire decorative panel. While improving performance, it will not forget to take the value to a new level. In a metaphor, stainless steel is short and poor, and sandblasted stainless steel is truly rich and handsome.

However, the blasting process has advantages and disadvantages. Although the performance of the stainless steel is improved, there is a color difference between the color of the blasting plate and the color of the ordinary stainless steel plating. So what is the main reason? The reason for this is simple. Because the particles selected by the sandblasting process are corundum, after that, it disappeared.

Stainless steel blasting panels have achieved amazing results in applications, mainly in the construction sector, elevator decoration, industry, facilities and a range of stainless steel products, all of which can be seen.

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