Wang Jianguo, general manager of Chinalco Southwest Aluminum, meets guests from Wanji Holdings

On September 6, Wang Jianguo, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Southwest Aluminum, met with Wu Wenjun, Vice Chairman of Wanji Holding Group, Zhang Haichao, General Manager of Luoyang Overseas Students Pioneer Park, and China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Chongqing Industrial Big Data Innovation Center at the Aluminum City Hotel Zheng Yi, director of the marketing department of the company, and his party, the participants exchanged opinions on the development trend of industrial intelligent manufacturing and industrial informatization, and exchanged views on deepening cooperation.

Wang Jianguo extended his welcome to Wu Wenjun and his entourage. He said that informatization and intelligentization of the aluminum processing industry are the future trend and the key words for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry. In recent years, Southwest Aluminum has identified its own positioning, closely followed market demand, continued to integrate resources from all parties, and continued to transform and upgrade production equipment to make up for shortcomings to further improve the level of industrial intelligent manufacturing. Wang Jianguo said that Southwest Aluminium will continue to strengthen the level of enterprise intelligence and informatization, and hopes that all parties can continue to deepen communication and achieve mutual benefit and win-win development.

Wu Wenjun briefly introduced the recent development of Wanji Holdings and its next development plan. He said that in recent years, Wanji Holdings has deeply integrated “informatization” and “industrialization”, with the help of big data and cloud platforms to further reduce costs and increase efficiency. And energy conservation and emission reduction, comprehensively improved management efficiency and operational benefits. He expressed that he hopes to strengthen exchanges with Southwest Aluminum, exchange information, conduct in-depth technical exchanges in related fields, and promote friendly cooperation.

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