Use and maintenance of hydraulic power steering system

Dongguan Hydraulic Press manufacturer analyzes the use and maintenance of hydraulic power steering system.

  • 1. Punctually check whether the steering hydraulic oil is lacking. If it is lacking, add it in time. At the same time, clean the hydraulic oil cup and filter element on time to prevent the hydraulic oil from becoming dirty or degenerating. It is recommended to replace the hydraulic oil every 30,000km.
  • 2. During maintenance, check the tightness of the steering pump belt to see if there is a break. If there is any, it should be replaced in time. The tightness should be controlled by the finger 1cm;
  • 3. Punctually check whether the pipe joints of the hydraulic system are leaking. The hydraulic oil pipe should avoid friction with other parts to prevent damage to the air intake. At the same time, the hydraulic hose should be replaced on time to prevent the pipe from peeling off and blocking the pipe. ;
  • 4. When repairing the steering gear, the equipment should be adjusted steadily, especially the equipment between the worm gear and the worm. The number of steel balls must be installed. At the same time, the steel slide rail is not allowed to be deformed. The hydraulic oil distribution valve and the piston cavity wall must be Clean and clean, select good and type-matched oil seals to prevent leakage of hydraulic oil;
  • 5. When turning, do not “kill” the direction, especially when turning on the spot, leave a certain margin to ensure that the hydraulic steering system is in normal working condition.

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