Ultra-low cement castable for furnace mouth of mixer car

Patent No.: 98120044.3 Patentee: Baoshan Iron and Steel (Group) Company Technical Abstract: The present invention relates to an ultra-low cement castable for the furnace mouth of a mixed iron car, which belongs to a refractory castable based on alumina. The castable uses mullite as the granular aggregate, and the composition range of the finished product is (wt%): Al2O340-70%, SiO210-35%, SiC5-20%, C1-10%, the balance being CaO and other impurities , Plus 2-5% heat-resistant stainless steel fiber. Due to the introduction of C and SiC into the existing Al2O3-SiO2 castables, the castables have both good wear resistance, erosion resistance, melt loss resistance, peeling resistance, and good thermal shock resistance. , Which greatly improves the service life of the furnace mouth of the mixing car. Contact Unit: Intellectual Assets Department of Baosteel Co., Ltd. Address: South Building, Baosteel Hotel, 1813 Mudan Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai Postal Code: 201900

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