To accompany you to prepare for the electric competition, the Tektronix technology brother specially launched seven video of the use of the instrument

Beijing, China, October 29, 2021 – Recently, the Organizing Committee of the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition announced that the competition will be restarted from November 4 to 7! Accompanying students to prepare for the competition is the constant insistence of Tektronix over the years; what has changed is to judge the situation, how can our little brother engineer keep pace with the times and accompany them with high quality and efficiency. The electric competition has entered the final stage of preparation. Pang Wei, the younger brother of Tektronix technology, has specially prepared seven video teachings on how to use the instruments and the essentials, and used practical guidance to help the students efficiently prepare for the electric competition.

To accompany you to prepare for the electric competition, the Tektronix technology brother specially launched seven video of the use of the instrument

The video teaching of the seven-segment instrument usage and essentials prepared by little brother Pang Wei involves the following six types of test methods:

1) Test indicators and test methods for power supply topics

2) Test indicators and test methods for amplifier/simulation topics

3) Test indicators and test methods for high-frequency topics

4) Debugging methods for control topics

5) Test indicators and test methods of instruments and meters

6) Test indicators and test methods for data collection and processing

Five videos have been released so far:

Video 1: Preparation before using the oscilloscope

The preparatory work before the oscilloscope is used, including preheating, zeroing the baseline when no load, etc., and demonstrates the probe compensation and calibration steps in detail, laying the foundation for subsequent correct measurements, and preparing for the electric competition!

Video 2: A few small tips for oscilloscope ripple testing

Introduces the special requirements for the probe when testing ripple (need to use a probe with 1X or 0.1X attenuation ratio), and explains in detail the relevant parameter settings of the oscilloscope (AC coupling, bandwidth suppression, etc.).

Video 3: Oscilloscope Basic Waveform Testing

Describes how to add AC signal amplitude and period test items, and explains how to indirectly measure current and power. All test items are based on the complete waveform, so when there is clipping or the waveform cycle is incomplete, the measurement will report an error.

Video 4: Oscilloscope FFT Analysis

This chapter introduces the use of the FFT function of the oscilloscope for spectrum analysis, and how to use the cursors to measure frequency points, relative amplitudes, and relative frequency comparisons.

Video 5: Oscilloscope Occasional Signal Capture

It is demonstrated to set trigger suppression for pulse train signal to obtain stable waveform signal, use persistence time to set accumulated waveform Display to analyze whether there is abnormal signal, and finally use pulse width trigger to obtain abnormal signal and measure its parameters.

Video 6: Oscilloscope Bus Decoding and Analysis

Taking the RS232 signal as an example, it is introduced to modify the trigger type to bus, and use the decoding display after acquiring the waveform. At the same time, it demonstrates how to adjust when the signal is abnormal, how to display the decoding, etc.

Video 7: Multimeter to measure common electronic components

The method of measuring resistance, capacitance and diode using benchtop and hand-held multimeters is introduced, and the advantages and disadvantages of resistance 2-wire method and 4-wire method in measurement are also explained.

Tektronix sponsored three universities and five teams, including Minzu University of China, Shandong University, and Northeast Forestry University, and cheered them on through technical guidance. I wish them excellent results in the competition.

Relevant teaching videos can be viewed at station B[Tektronix Technology]and WeChat Tektronix video account. This series of teaching videos will continue to be updated before the start of the e-sports competition, so stay tuned.

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