Thermal silicone tube

The main function of the thermal conductive silicone tube is heat dissipation and conduction heat. The silica gel itself has excellent high temperature resistance and can operate at 200 °C. The thermal silica tube is one of the special products, and the thermal conductive material is added to these materials. Therefore, the finished product naturally has good thermal air conduction performance, and the product has excellent electrical insulation and thermal conductivity. The thermal silica tube can protect some heating pipes and some heating cables for a long time. In today’s development, some cables have very high power and cause high heat. Other materials can not withstand high temperature erosion and will quickly age. The thermal silica tube can conduct high temperature. This way, the hot air can be dispersed to protect the cables and pipelines from working properly.

Thermal silicone tube

Our conductive silicone tube not only has good thermal conductivity, but also has good anti-yellowing ability and electrical properties. Thermally conductive silicone tubes have a longer life than other materials and work long hours in the UV or in a humid environment.. It can work under -40~200° environment and other materials can reach the working temperature of 200°. And our thermal silicone tubes are made from high quality silicone materials.

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