The sword points to double tens of billions!Zhaochi Optoelectronics put 1,000 packaging production lines into operation in Jiangxi

On August 8th, the 1,000-package production line commissioning ceremony of Jiangxi Zhaochi Optoelectronics LED Display and lighting device expansion project in 2021 was held.

In the morning, Yuan once, Secretary of Qingshan Lake District Committee, Yang Yuxing, Deputy Secretary of the District Committee and Acting District Chief, Hu Jianguang, Member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Executive Deputy District Chief, Jia Zhongqiang, Deputy District Chief, Liu Chuanbiao, General Manager of Zhaochi Optoelectronics, and Hu Xiaoming, General Manager of Nanchang Zhaochi. Wait for the leaders to attend the commissioning ceremony.

According to experts, the news center has learned that the project will start construction in December 2020, and it is planned to complete 1,000 pieces in 2021 and 1,000 pieces by 2023. The main products of Zhaochi Optoelectronics are backlight, lighting, and display. They will continue to increase investment in research and development of Mini and Micro LED, and take the lead in realizing the mass production of Mini BLU and Mini RGB. After all the expansion projects are completed, it is expected to increase the labor demand of 2,000 people and achieve an annual output value of 3 billion yuan.

Afterwards, district leaders such as Yuan once and Yang Yuxing cut the ribbon together for the production line to be put into operation. The general manager of Zhaochi Optoelectronics accompanied him to visit the production workshop and production line of the company.

According to the statistics of Experts Research, in the revenue ranking of the LED packaging sector in mainland China, Zhaochi rose from sixth in 2020 to four in 2021. Although the epidemic affected the entire LED industry in 2020, Zhaochi did not slow down its development. The pace and performance have also increased significantly.

The current LED packaging layout of Zhaochi Optoelectronics covers backlight, lighting and display. The entire backlight and display industry is entering the Mini/Micro LED era, and the track prospects are very bright. According to experts, Research data shows that the compound growth rate of the global LED display market between 2021 and 2025 is as high as 18.83%.

As Samsung, Apple and Huawei released Mini backlight related products this year, which accelerated the large-scale commercialization of the entire Mini BLU, experts said that Research predicts that the compound growth rate of Mini backlight will be as high as 53.52% by 2025.

About Zhaochi Optoelectronics Production Base

In 2014, Jiangxi Zhaochi Optoelectronics was formally established; in 2015, Zhaochi Industrial Park was put into use, and 200 production lines were put into operation in the same year. Since then, Zhaochi Optoelectronics has made great strides and moved the packaging production line in Shenzhen to Nanchang for assembly, with a total of 2,500 production lines.

It is understood that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Jiangxi Zhaochi Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. will continue to expand its production scale, carry out production line expansion and factory renovation; continue to improve its technical level, focusing on the deployment of small-pitch, Mini LED and Micro LED technologies and product research and development. Strive to achieve the main business income of 6 billion, about 4,500 production lines, and nearly 5,000 employees. Zhaochi will be based on the midstream LED packaging, continue to adhere to the development strategy of mid-to-high-end market positioning, combine its own technological advantages, scale advantages, management advantages, and intelligent manufacturing advantages to go all out to participate in the high value-added international market competition, and generate revenue by output value. Double tens of billions is the long-term goal, and strive to develop into the world’s leading LED packaging company!

Today’s official production of 1,000 lines is another milestone in the development history of Zhaochi Optoelectronics, which means that it has ushered in a leap-forward development!

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