The status quo of the auto parts market in Taiyuan


The auto parts market has huge potential. As an important part of the after-sales service of complete vehicles, auto parts sales have an annual turnover of nearly 1.2 billion. There is a huge market for auto parts. The market calls for a new model. However, the current auto parts market is far from its former glory, and counterfeit and inferior products flood the market, which has severely disrupted the normal operating order of the auto parts market, leaving many famous and high-quality enterprise product producers and operators with little profit at all.

Even when it comes to the auto parts market, it is reminiscent of a distribution center for fake and inferior products. There are many reasons for this situation in the auto parts market, one of which is that the overall quality of the employees in the auto parts sales industry is not high. Because the operators lack the professional skills and cultural knowledge necessary to sell auto parts, they have limited ability to identify fake and inferior products and legal expertise, and they do not have a deep understanding of the sales skills, basic knowledge, treatment of people, and professional ethics of auto parts. It’s no surprise that the auto parts market is where it is today.

How to change the status quo of the auto parts market, how to regulate the auto parts market, and how to cultivate the brand awareness of auto parts management is an important topic before us, and it is also a major matter of industry management. In the mid-1980s, the state-owned auto parts industry put forward the slogan “The whole car is the leader”, and it has begun to take shape in our region. Make the supply of more complete varieties and cheaper prices, which can protect the interests of customers and prevent the emergence of various irregular behaviors.

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