The precision parts processing tool holder system consists of several parts

The precision parts processing tool holder system consists of three parts: tool holder, pull nail and chuck, as well as an intermediate module.

(1) Tool holder: The cutting tool is connected to the spindle of the milling machine through the tool holder, and its strength, rigidity, wear resistance, manufacturing accuracy and clamping force directly affect the processing. The milling machine tool holder usually uses the 7:24 taper surface and the spindle taper hole for coordinated positioning. The tool holder and its tail are standardized for the pull studs used for the internal tensioning mechanism of the spindle. The standards used include international standards (ISO) and China, the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries. Therefore, the CNC milling machine tool holder system should be equipped according to the requirements of the selected CNC milling machine.


(2) Pull studs: The pull studs used in precision parts processing have also been standardized. ISO or GB specifies two types of pull studs, namely Type A and Type B. Among them, type A tension studs are used for tensioning devices without steel balls, and type B tension studs are used for tensioning devices with steel balls.

(3) Spring chuck: There are two types of spring chuck, namely ER spring chuck and KM spring chuck. Among them, the clamping force of ER collet chuck is less, which is suitable for the occasions with small cutting force; the clamping force of KM collet chuck is larger, which is suitable for strong washing.

(4) Intermediate module: The intermediate module is an intermediate connection device between the tool rack and the tool, and the overall performance of the tool rack can be improved by using the intermediate module. For example: boring tools, taps and tool holders are usually connected by intermediate modules.

The above four kinds of tool holder systems commonly used in precision parts processing.


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