The planning skills of the guide material layout of the continuous drawing die.

Planning Skills of Guide Material Layout of Continuous Stretching Die

1. Guide plate

The guide plate is a fixed layout, and it is usually planned with ejector pins or ejector blocks. The side surface of the guide plate is used for horizontal direction guidance, and the space between the upper protruding side and the ejector pin is used as the vertical orientation. The protruding one-sided layout also has the effect of forced stripping. When applying the guide plate layout plan, the guide plate is usually fixed on the lower template, and the stripper plate makes an escape hole and escape plan according to the style of the guide plate. When the escape hole depth of the escape plate is too large, it will affect For template strength, if it is necessary to apply the guide plate plan, the stripper thickness plan needs to be changed to increase the strength of the stripper. Therefore, the general demand for stamping suppression products with higher ejection height is not suitable for the use of guide plate planning.

2. Floating pin

Floating dual-purpose pins use the floating pin organization. A material groove is made on the upper edge of the floating pin as a track for the material. This groove also has the effect of forced stripping. Floating dual-purpose pins are standard parts of stamping hardware. They are generally set with standard specifications and sizes, and are set and applied according to the model catalog of hardware parts.

3. Square guide pin

The effect of the square guide pin is similar to that of the floating pin, except that the square guide pin has a guiding pin hole larger than that of the floating pin. This plan also has the effect of forced stripping. The square guide pin uses the grinding C angle as the depth fixing adjustment method, and the lifting lug type can also be used as the ejection height adjustment method. The square guide pin can not only be used as a simple guide pin hole, but also can be used as a plurality of guide pin holes on the square guide pin.

4. External auxiliary guide device

This kind of mechanism is often used outside the Mold. When the leading material length of the mold is insufficient or the front edge of the mold is too long from the feeder, an external auxiliary guide mechanism is generally added to ensure the accuracy of the feeder during the feeding process. The external auxiliary guide device is generally fixed, and the feeding plane is the same height (or slightly lower) than the lower mold surface, and the auxiliary guide mechanism will be locked on the template or mold base.

5. The rest

When the stamping product is combined with the material belt to leave the mold, there will be equipment to collect the stamping product at the rear. Because the finished product realized by stamping is not only a flat surface like a material, but a complex pattern, so when planning a continuous tape, it will be A material guide mechanism is usually set at the end of the mold. This one-sided protection is used to protect the finished product realized by stamping from the mold smoothly according to the set track.

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