The output of aluminum alloy die castings in my country is rushing at high speed

With the continuous improvement of my country’s casting technology and the quality of castings, domestic casting orders have also continued to flow, and my country’s casting industry has begun to be recognized and praised by foreign companies. The output of my country’s aluminum alloy die castings has continued to soar, and the development is very high. Quickly, there are two main reasons for this.
One is that due to the development of the global die-casting industry, its production focus has gradually shifted to China. Driven by the trend of global economic integration, the demand for aluminum alloy die-casting parts in various industries is also increasing, and our country is unique. The thick labor force and aluminum resource advantages directly promote the sharp increase in the output of aluminum alloy die castings.
The second is that driven by the trend of automotive lightweighting, in recent years, the automotive industry has been optimized and upgraded, gradually replacing gray iron castings with aluminum castings, which directly triggered the huge demand in the global aluminum alloy die casting market, and continued to stimulate aluminum Demand for alloy die castings.
Aluminum alloy die casting
At present, my country’s large-scale precision and complex casting molds have relatively large international and domestic markets for die-casting molds, and the country’s macro policies also support this.

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