The “Hengyang Mode” of Mushroom Vehicles Association is advancing quickly and orderly, helping the development of autonomous driving standards

“Bicycle intelligence + vehicle-road collaboration” has become a new generation solution for autonomous driving. The domestic autonomous driving company Mushroom Chelian is an autonomous driving company that completed the verification of the vehicle-road-cloud integration scheme earlier. It has built a city-level autonomous driving smart transportation project in Hengyang, Hunan. Today, this project is in full swing to start construction and testing.

Mushroom Auto-driving Vehicle

It is understood that on many major urban roads such as Hengzhou Avenue and Cailun Avenue, there are often multiple self-driving buses and online car-hailing cars with the words “Mushroom Car Link” passing by, and some staff on the roadside continue to Various data are detected and recorded, and the smart devices on the street light poles are debugged accordingly.

This is just part of the “integrated vehicle, road and cloud” intelligent transportation system provided by Mushroom Car Alliance for Hengyang. Tang Junhua, director of the Industrial Development Bureau of Hengshan Science City, the owner of the project, said that the project is under the guidance and deployment of governments at all levels and multiple ministries and commissions. And to realize the trial operation of a variety of self-driving public service vehicles.

As early as March of this year, Mushroom Car Alliance signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hengyang City. The two sides have in-depth cooperation in various fields such as smart terminals, vehicle-road collaboration, autonomous driving and smart transportation, and jointly promote the large-scale operation of smart driving technology in the city. Strive to build Hengyang into a domestic smart transportation innovation model city. According to the relevant person in charge of Hengyang, the project has a total designed mileage of 200 kilometers and is one of the world’s largest announced commercialized autonomous driving projects.

Guo Xingrong, CTO of Mushroom Car Alliance, said that the solution realizes large-scale intelligent prediction and dispatch through the fusion calculation of cloud data, and provides large-scale early warning for autonomous vehicles. The three-party cooperation of vehicles, roads and clouds can ensure safer autonomous driving landing.

According to the relevant calculations of Mushroom Car Association, based on the “vehicle, road and cloud integration” solution, not only the scope of vehicle perception is expanded, but also the security is greatly improved due to the provision of multiple sets of safety redundancy systems such as algorithms, computing power, and communications. , And can reduce the cost of self-driving bicycle transformation by 90%. At the same time, the “integration of vehicle, road and cloud” will promote multi-level cost reduction and efficiency enhancement in urban governance, traffic operation, and public services, with huge social benefits.

Experts predict that after the Hengyang project completes the plan, it will greatly improve the overall digital transportation construction of Hengyang city. As the Hengyang smart transportation project is steadily advancing and gradually taking shape, a set of smart transportation “Hengyang Mode” from the construction of new urban smart transportation infrastructure projects, the landing of large-scale autonomous vehicles to the normal operation of urban fleets has also begun to take shape.

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