The difference between servo punch and ordinary traditional punch

Servo presses are different from traditional presses because they are driven by servo motors, and the presses can be set with different distance lengths and speeds according to different needs.

The standard linear grating ruler of the servo press can ensure the forming accuracy of the bottom dead center to reach the micron level, suppress product burrs, and realize ultra-low speed operation;

The mold vibration is small, which greatly extends the service life of the mold. There are no clutch or brake components, which saves electric energy and lubricating oil and reduces operating costs.

The servo press has the characteristics of compound, high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility, low noise and environmental protection.

Identification of ordinary punches and high-speed punches

Speed: The normal speed of ordinary punch is below 200 times, and the speed of high-speed punch is above 600 times.

Control: Manual, stamping and digital control are common. The high-speed punch is numerically controlled, fully automatic feeding, and equipped with a robotic arm.

Accuracy: ordinary accuracy includes ordinary accuracy and precision accuracy. High-speed punching machines are all precision. High-speed punch-generally used for stamping parts with a large number of products and high precision requirements. The price is higher than ordinary punch.

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