The development trend of injection molding products

With the further promotion of the application of plastics as engineering structural materials, the use of injection molded products has been expanded to various fields of the national economy, and will gradually replace traditional metal and non-metal products. From the analysis of the development and application status of the above molding technology, it is not difficult to conclude that injection molded products will have the following development trends.
1. Highly integrated performance
Injection molding products characterized by the combination of different materials, such as insert molding, sandwich molding, multi-material composite molding, and multi-color composite molding, fully reflect people's expectations for injection molded products with composite properties. On this basis, people have to find ways to concentrate many functions on a product, which objectively requires products to be highly integrated with various functions.
2. Ultra-precision
With the expansion of the application of plastics in the precision instrumentation industry, the ultra-precision of injection molded products is one of the inevitable trends in its development.
3. Lightweight and thin-walled products
Human resources are limited, and saving resources is mainly reflected in saving materials. The lightweight and thin-walled products are mainly based on foam molding and fluid-assisted molding under the premise of satisfying the use function, so as to reduce the demand for raw materials.
4. Super small or super large
In the application development process of injection molded products, due to the limitations of the molding equipment (molds and injection molding machines) and the properties of the product materials themselves, the molding applications of ultra-small products and ultra-large products are relatively small. With the in-depth research on plastic materials and the development of mechanical control and manufacturing technology, the production of ultra-small or ultra-large products becomes possible, so its applications will gradually increase.
5. Virtual injection molding products
With the development of computer technology, people's design, production, processing and trading of injection molded products are different from the traditional production methods of injection molded products. People digitize injection molded products and display the products through virtual reality technology, which can be used as the initial transaction model; in the early stage of production, people can use simulation technology to predict the performance and production process parameters of injection molded products. Therefore, virtual injection molding technology will be one of the development trends of injection molding products. This technology will greatly improve the production and trading level of injection molding products.
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