The country’s first new infrastructure catalogue was announced, and Lenovo Smart Manufacturing was selected

“New infrastructure” has become a hot word and the focus of attention of all parties. On May 27, Anhui Province released the country’s first catalog of technical products and services in the field of new infrastructure. The intelligent manufacturing cloud platform, intelligent planning and intelligent employment system platform, and big data platform of Lianbao Technology (Lenovo Hefei Production Base) were selected into the industrial Internet category. , artificial intelligence and data center categories. It is understood that there are 896 technical products and services in the new infrastructure field, mainly including new technologies, new products and new services in the fields of 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, data centers, supercomputing centers, and the Internet of Things.

Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, said that after several years of intelligent transformation, Lenovo has now transformed into one of the core providers of “new infrastructure”. Two years ago, Lenovo proposed the 3S strategy of intelligent transformation, and made an all-out effort to transform the three strategic areas – Smart IoT, Smart Infrastructure and Smart Verticals. Lianbao Technology has made continuous efforts in terms of technology, personnel, and organization to accelerate digital transformation, and has built intelligent production scheduling, intelligent labor, big data centers, and intelligent manufacturing cloud platforms based on artificial intelligence. These business middle-end + data middle-end with industry characteristics can effectively accumulate and reuse enterprise-level business capabilities to share and empower industry customers.

The country’s first new infrastructure catalogue was announced, and Lenovo Smart Manufacturing was selected

(Three-dimensional component automatic sorting system)

Lianbao intelligent manufacturing cloud platform can realize the four core technical capabilities of user self-service, business middle-end, agile development, and application cloud, and can quickly support the development and delivery of new business and the dynamic and elastic expansion of capability resources. The platform is guided by the enterprise architecture, reconstructs the original processes and systems, realizes supply chain integration, product life cycle chain integration, ITOT integration; Solution; built supply chain cloud, manufacturing cloud, R&D cloud, office cloud, quality cloud and other capability centers; formed an industry-specific business center + data center, which can effectively accumulate and reuse enterprise-level business capabilities to share and empower able industry customers.

In addition, Lianbao Technology has also built an artificial intelligence-based intelligent planning and intelligent employment system platform, which can cover full-cycle management such as production line demand forecasting for employees and retention, and dynamically match and adjust personnel, positions, skills and performance. Effectively improve labor productivity while fully guaranteeing employee welfare and safety.

The function of Lianbao Big Data Center is to realize the comprehensive integration and integration of upstream and downstream data of the supply chain, Internet of Things data and data of various systems, and create a continuous enabling data application of business dataization, data assetization, asset serviceization, and service businessization. closed loop.

Thanks to the rapid advancement of intelligent transformation, the platforms and technologies of the new infrastructure catalogue have effectively supported Lianbao Technology in hitting new highs in shipments in the recent quarter, helping the single-day production capacity to break a record of 125,000 units. , the weekly shipments were 1.105 million units, the monthly shipments increased by 44% year-on-year, and the single-quarter shipments increased by 6% year-on-year.

(Intelligent automatic patch production line)

In the seven major areas involved in the “new infrastructure”, Lenovo’s business covers four core technologies of 5G, artificial intelligence, data center, and industrial Internet. Leveraging on the shareholder wind of “new infrastructure”, Lenovo will be committed to becoming a core technology provider of “new infrastructure”, providing empowerment for the intelligent transformation of all walks of life.

As the pioneer of Lenovo Group’s strategic transformation and model transformation, Lenovo China has adhered to the customer-centric transformation and intelligent IoT transformation under the “Sunrise East” strategy, and achieved remarkable results. In the last fiscal year, smart services, as Lenovo’s new growth engine, continuously broke through many leading customers in smart cities, smart agriculture, smart energy and other industries, with annual revenue exceeding 5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 34%. In the next 10 years, Lenovo Group will build services and solutions into new core competitiveness.

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