The common polishing method of lathe precision parts processing, the novice needs to learn the attention points

Polishing is a processing technology for surface modification in the processing of shaft precision parts. This processing method should also pay attention to beauty and practicality. Simple shaft polishing refers to a method of modifying the surface of the workpiece with files, emery cloth, and sandpaper.

In shaft machining, when there is a slight difference in the size or surface roughness of the machined surface, it is not suitable for high-speed finishing due to the accuracy of the machine tool or the tool. At this time, files, emery cloth, and sandpaper can be used to polish the surface of the workpiece. , In order to change the trace size or increase the surface finish, make the size qualified or reduce the surface roughness value.

Turning the forming surface with the two-hand control method. Due to the uneven manual feed, the surface of the workpiece is easy to leave uneven filing marks. In order to achieve the required surface roughness, after the workpiece is turned, the rough file is used for correction and fine file trimming. . The pressure of the file pressing file should be even and consistent. Do not use too much force, otherwise the precision part processing workpiece will be filed into a convex and concave state.


When filing with a file on a lathe, the filing margin is generally about 0.05mm. The large margin makes it easy to flatten the workpiece. At the same time, for safety, when filing, you should hold the handle with your left hand and hold the front end of the file with your right hand to file to avoid injury from hooks. The speed of pushing the file is generally 40 times/min, which is not fast. When the rotation speed is too high, it is easy to grind the blunt teeth; when the rotation speed is too low, it is easy to file the workpiece flat. Remember not to touch the chuck when using the file.


After filing, polish with emery cloth. The emery cloth applied on the lathe is generally made of corundum grains. According to the thickness of the sand, the emery cloths used are No. 00, No. 0, No. 1 and a half and No. 2. The smaller the number, the finer the particles. No. 00 is fine emery cloth, and No. 2 is coarse emery cloth.

In general small-size shaft processing, when using emery cloth (sandpaper) to polish the surface of the workpiece, Mingyue’s special tools only use the emery cloth (sandpaper) to polish by hand, but you must pay attention to safety. There are generally two methods for polishing with emery cloth (sandpaper) by hand. Pull both ends of the emery cloth by hand, or wrap the emery cloth on a wooden board and other objects to polish the workpiece. It is strictly forbidden to wrap the emery cloth on the workpiece or hold it with both hands. The emery cloth polishes the workpiece tightly and hard, which is easy to clamp, and the fingers are caught between the emery cloth and the workpiece, causing personal accidents.


When polishing with emery cloth, the emery cloth pad is usually carried out under the file, so as to ensure safety and not affect the quality of precision parts processing.

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