The buying frequency of lubricating oil has obvious periodicity

In foreign countries, gas stations are the most important channel for selling lubricants. Tens of thousands of domestic gas stations are regarded by foreign oil companies as large-scale and wide-ranging sales and advertising points. Some foreign oil companies have established lubricant stores at gas stations to provide a complete set of services for refueling and changing lubricants.

At present, many foreign oil companies have set up quick warranty shops that provide branded lubricants in some large cities in China, and have adopted some preferential measures to attract car owners. High-end cars are valuable commodities and require professional, fast and standardized maintenance. It is expected that with the increasing number of private cars, auto warranty shops will gradually become popular.

Marketing law Lubricating oil products have their own consumption characteristics, and users’ buying habits also have certain laws. Foreign oil companies have analyzed and studied the law of Bubbling and adopted appropriate marketing strategies in a targeted manner. The purchase frequency of lubricating oil has obvious periodicity. This is because cars and oil-using tools have their oil change intervals.

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