The automobile manufacturing industry is constantly changing over time


Individual key database description: the formation of the inventory price of a certain auto parts when entering the account is the weighted average price of the existing inventory and the purchased goods, which is floating; the arrival of the accessories is simultaneously entered into the invoicing counter account, warehouse accounting account and warehouse physical account. And form the input tax, the quantity on the account of the above three databases should be the same when taking inventory.

Compared with the automobile service industry, the location and spatial organization of the automobile manufacturing industry have received more attention. Many geographers at home and abroad have explained the spatial process of automobile manufacturing development and changes and automobile manufacturing clusters. The research on the automobile service industry mainly focuses on the business model and the development of the automobile supporting industry, and the results of systematic research from the spatial perspective are relatively few. Geographers have begun to pay attention to the spatial problems of the layout of the automobile service industry, and summarized three spatial layout patterns of the urban automobile service industry: the “point-axis” model, the “point-plane” model, and the “point-axis-plane”. Generally speaking, although the space of the auto service industry has become an important part of the urban space, the theoretical results have very limited guiding role in the planning and layout of the auto service industry. Therefore, this article takes Nanjing as a case to study the spatial agglomeration and layout characteristics of the automobile service industry. This is not only conducive to enriching the existing research results on the spatial layout of the urban service industry, but also can provide reference and reference for the optimization of the spatial layout of the automobile service industry.

Since the 1990s, with the growth of the city’s economy and the increase in the number of residents’ car ownership, the automobile service industry in Nanjing has developed rapidly. The automotive service industry system.

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