The 2019 Spring Festival is awesome! The price of stainless steel plate 304 rose by 300 yuan, and the price of 201 continued?

Wuxi stainless steel market price: During the Spring Festival, traders were closed during the Spring Festival. A few traders who had not been on holiday before the holiday raised the price of 300 series, and the mainstream price of 304 hot-rolled private resources went to 14100-14150 yuan/ton. During the Spring Festival, resources have arrived at the docks, so most traders have a wait-and-see attitude towards post-holiday prices.

Foshan stainless steel market price: The market is in a state of rest in the Spring Festival. The market price is stable before the holiday, and some of them have risen slightly. The base price of 304 Dongte hot rolling is 14,000 yuan/ton, and the base price of 304 cold rolling of Taigang is 15,000 yuan/ton. There is no transaction volume. The market opening price after the holiday is mostly bullish.

Stainless steel pipe profile price: Stainless steel pipe profile manufacturers are almost in the state of suspension of production during the Spring Festival, and will start construction after the holiday tomorrow, and some manufacturers will start construction at the end of February at the latest. After the year, the recovery of downstream demand will take time, but the price of raw materials will increase a lot before the holiday. It is expected that the price of pipe profiles will increase slightly after the holiday.

In the middle of February 2019, the country has proposed to vigorously develop infrastructure, and several major projects are about to be launched. This is a good demand stimulus for the stainless steel market. The good news of Sino-US negotiations also makes investors invest in the market in 2019. Confidence boosts.

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