Surgical Implant Titanium Bars are implanted to treat spinal diseases

Wang Liwen led the department staff to tackle the problems in the human body implantation of Surgical Implant Titanium Bars, and solved the problems of the titanium rod crankshaft and titanium rod protrusion, and the orthopedics could be completed in one operation. More importantly, the internal fixation data implanted in children can be extended longitudinally and the spine can still grow and develop. The improved spinal internal fixation system, which is vividly called "dynamic growth rod", does not affect the normal growth and development of children, and the medical cost is 80,000 to 100,000 yuan less than the radical orthopedic technology per case. This effect won the third prize of provincial science and technology progress.

Professor Wang Wenjun, director of spinal surgery in the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanhua University, has just finished a spinal orthopedic operation. Recently, his mobile phone rings suddenly: The father of Tan Jun, from The tiger town of Chaling County, now the child has straighted his back and is about to go to primary school in September this year. Thank you, the savior.

Tan Jun, 6, was born with scoliosis. He had a tilted shoulder, kyphosis of the shoulder blades, a deformed spine and a 6-centimeter tumor in the spinal canal. In early March this year, Tan Jun was sent to nanhua University attached a hospital for treatment, the hospital spine surgery Professor Wang Wenjun used a new pediatric growth rod orthopedic technology, for Tan Jun orthopedic, fixation, but also the use of microscopic technology to remove the child's spinal canal tumor. After more than 20 days in hospital, Tan Jun recovered and was discharged from the hospital, and will be able to grow normally in the future. This is the 6th successful case of children with scoliosis treated with growth rod technology in The first affiliated Hospital of Nanhua University in China.

Congenital scoliosis in children is still a difficult problem in the world of medicine, the etiology is not clear at present. This disease affects the growth of children, so that the adult appearance of serious deformity. Radical orthopedic surgery not only corrects scoliosis, but also affects the growth and development of children. The main problem is that the upper body cannot grow again and the upper body is short. Moreover, the Surgical Implant Titanium Bar crankshaft and titanium rod used for internal fixation are easy to come out and need to be repaired by reoperation.

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