Something You May Not Know About Aluminum Foil Use

Basically used in daily life are basically “food foil”, such as chocolate inner packaging, high temperature food packaging; indirect use including tobacco foil (composite with paper), paper bag and carton beverage lining (profit Lebao, the same reason); another large amount of use but not directly in contact with the user such as air-conditioning foil, capacitor foil and a variety of foils in line with aluminum foil.

What is colorful? What is magnificent? What is royal style? Let’s take a look at the decorative foil on the tall one. Aluminum foil can be used as the most common barbecue foil, and can be used as a cold-resistant and corrosion-resistant air-conditioning foil. Nowadays, this “multi-faced angel” has been transformed into such a tall decorative foil.

Why is the decorative foil so beautiful and so popular? It is because of the superior coloring properties and high photothermal reflectivity of aluminum foil. Many decorative materials for gift box packaging and architectural furniture are used in decorative foils, especially in buildings.

The use of walls, interior furniture and facades is more widely used. In addition, the foil color is silvery white, revealing an elegant, noble and refined atmosphere. In recent years, aluminum foil craft painting has gradually become the new favorite of interior decoration. Decorative foil is not only gorgeous, but also has excellent internal performance. It is heat-insulating, moisture-proof, sound-proof, and also fire-proof and easy to wash. It is simply the inner god + external beauty goddess!

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