Solution to the solenoid valve of four-column hydraulic press cannot be reversed or reset

It is inevitable that any component in the four-column hydraulic machine will wear out or work abnormally. Today, what should we do if the solenoid valve in the four-column hydraulic machine cannot be reversed or reset? Analyze and solve the problem. The spool of the four-column hydraulic electromechanical magnet does not change direction when the power is on, or the spool does not reset when the electromagnet is turned off, and the troubleshooting methods are as follows:

  • First, the power supply voltage of the electromagnet does not meet the requirements for use. If the power supply voltage is too low, the thrust of the electromagnet is insufficient, and it cannot push the spool to change direction.
  • Second, the spool card master, if the performance indicators of the solenoid directional valve meet the requirements, and the above failure occurs in use, the main check is whether the use conditions exceed the specified indicators, such as working pressure, passing flow, Oil temperature and oil filtration accuracy, etc. Then check if the return spring is broken or stuck. For the solenoid directional valve with plate connection, check the flatness of the installation floor surface and whether the installation screws are too tight, so as to cause deformation of the solenoid valve body of the four-column Hydraulic Press. In addition, the burrs, flashes, and squeezed into the radial balance groove during the grinding of the valve core are not cleaned up. If they are washed out by the oil during long-term work, they will also be squeezed into the radial gap and jam the valve core. At this time, it should be disassembled and cleaned carefully.

The axis of the electromagnetic reversing valve in the third and four-column hydraulic press must be installed in the horizontal direction. If installed in the vertical direction, affected by the gravity of the valve core, armature and other parts, it will cause abnormal reversing or resetting.

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