Silicone tube

Our company’silicone tube have high quality,the feature follwos as:

1.material:100% eco-friendly standard silicone
2.Size: sizes are available
3.Style:Useful in medical
4.Market:Prefessional in silicone field for more than 10 years
5.Hardness:35-80° are available
6.Shape:Normally round

7.Certificate: FDA ROHS SGS LFGB UL
8.Delivery time:Always timely as clients requirements,normally 15days
9.Quality:Always don’t worry about this,we are a long history manufactory in silicone products industry,we have strong R&D,produce department,QC group etc.

10.We ensure you we can offer you our reasonable price with perfect quality and delivery time also with best service.

Comprehensive news about silicone and casting

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