silicone sponge tubing processes

1. Conventional foaming technology: can be unlimited length according to customer requirements custom cutting length, foam density can be the most extensive from 0.3 to 1.0 can be produced without special requirements.
The special foaming silicone tube can also be customized according to customer requirements, such as flame retardant, high temperature, etc., but it also has the disadvantage that in the long infinite length of the production process will have some impact on the inner diameter of the product will be deformed inner hole is not round enough to have deviations in size.

Such foaming process requires talcum powder and the bottom of the product is often less sticky talcum powder in the baking tunnel plus sulfur will fall off the bottom will lead to a very slight belt marks.

2 over the oil foaming process: this process does not need to go through the talcum powder but from the head of the extrusion directly after filtering a layer of oily material.

Because there is no need to have talcum powder, so naturally there will be no belt marks of this situation, foaming silicone tube out of oily material in the filter again. Immediately after entering the baking tunnel sulfur, but such processes for the product density requirements are generally higher to control the density of foam in 0.5 or more It should not be too low, and this type of foaming process can meet FDA food-grade certification requirements.

It can also be a variety of secondary processes such as polishing, chamfering, screen printing, laser engraving, etc. The disadvantage is that it can not be produced infinitely long, because the inner tube after the oil sticky oily material, and in the drying tunnel in the higher temperature of oily material will be formed in the formation of water vapor bonded to the inner wall of the foaming silicone tube is not volatile (silicone are closed-cell foam sealed) and the formation of high-temperature fog.

So generally in the production of 3 to 5 meters will need to cut a section to let the volatile fog spread, so can not do an infinite length of another is the In the production of 3 to 5 meters will need to cut a section of its scrap rate is very high, which leads to the over-oil foaming process is also relatively expensive. High density, high rejection rate, high secondary processing procedures, etc.) The representative products are foamed silicone handlebar sleeve, bicycles, etc. Silicone handle sleeve, fitness equipment silicone handle sleeve, etc.

3. Core stick foaming process: this is a special foaming process is very smooth and rounded surface, but the application field is more fixed and more The outer surface used on the rollers of the machine is also called a silicone foam cover.
This foaming process is also the not infinite length of the general is also about 3 to 5 meters will need to be cut, how to cut the length following customer requirements.
In other words, the general roller is length, so the use of this process of the foaming silicone tube natural no problem, its advantage is that the foaming silicone tube is not a problem. The silicone tube will form a layer on the outside (glossy surface) with good compression resistance and other features common to foamed silicone tube. Its main representative products are silicone rubber foam rollers for printers, silicone rubber rollers for copiers, and so on.

 In the three processes of conventional silicone foam, oil furnace process, there will be fine particles on the surface after the production of these two, especially in the black foaming tube reflected in the particles are especially obvious.
The oil furnace process of silicone foam tube as a handle product such as this article does not affect, and many also need to be sanded to polish the surface skin. That way you can’t see the particles.

The other conventional foamed silicone tube is not too good to solve this problem, the current market in order to solve the conventional Most of the cases of surface particles of foam silica gel are used to change the color, for example, change to blue, cyan, etc. can perfectly hide the white. particles. If the customer needs perfection and does not want a secondary process, then the mandrel foam process is the solution because the surface is smooth and has a high degree of flexibility. Also do not have over talcum powder natural surface is not to say, are this process loss of high prices lead to many people because of the price reason and Foldback.


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