Silicone rubber O sealing ring

The cros section of silicone rubebr O sealing ring is round . Silicone rubebr O sealing ring is applicable to all kinds of machinery, temperature, pressure, and in different liquid and gas medium, in static sealing or movement.
They are widely used in all kinds of machine tools, ships, automobiles, aerospace equipment, metallurgy, machinery, chemical machinery, engineering machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, Plastic machinery, agricultural machinery, tools and all kinds of choice packing element.
silicone rubebr O sealing ring is Static seal and reciprocation seal. When the o-ring seal seal of rotary motion, only low speed rotary sealing device. O-ring seal ring generally installed in the outside round or circular ,The cross section is rectangular groove seal o-rings. The environment of  oil resistant, acid-proof, alkali resistance, abrasion, chemical corrosion environment can still have good sealing, shock absorption effect. Therefore, it is the most widely used seal, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission system 2 o-rings)
Type O sealing ring features:
1, excellent performance, longlife, the service life of the dynamic pressure seal is 5-10 times higher, than the traditional rubber seal products, up to dozens of times, under certain conditions, can use a sealed base board and life;
2, small frictional resistance, and the static and dynamic friction of equality, 1/2-1/4? Type of seal is rubber friction, eliminate the low speed, low pressure mobile “crawl”;
3, high wear resistance, sealing surface wear, automatic flexible compensation ability;
4, good self-lubricating properties. Oil free seal;
5, work stress: 0-300 mpa working speed: 15 m/s or less work temperature: 55-250;
6. Applicable medium: hydraulic oil, gas, water, mud, oil, emulsion, water installation type O sealing ring (1), type O sealing ring installation o-ring requirementsBefore acid and glycol.

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