Silicone Consumer Products Manufacturer

Dongguan Weishun silicone Technology Co. Ltd. is the silicone and household products manufacturer of choice for customers looking for a reliable partner in the Guangdong Dongguan China.Weishun Silicone company is a factory with over ten years producing experiences, providing servise of R&D, design , manufacture, assembly.What is silicone consumer products?Silicone products have been in existence for many years. Silicone rubber is flexible and can withstand a lot of stretching. The producing method of silicone products is moulding. Use a mold, you can cast parts. Silicone rubber can also be injection molded.Though have been existence for many years, as one of replacement of Plastic products, market had not embraced silicone comsumer products for key due to plastic products have a price advantage till plastic ban be announced.What are the benefits of silicone?Silicone Rubber product is a kind of product made for difficult environments. It is  resistant to extrem temperature. Generally speaking, food grade silicone cake molds for example, it's working temperature range can be -40℃ ~230℃. Compare with plastics, silicone consumer product is obviously have an advantage on use range.In addition to temperature resistance, silicone rubber has insulation from electricity, compression set resistance, and the ability to repel water.Weishun is a silicone consumer products manufacturer providing silicone kitchenware tools, silicone molds, waterproof baby bibs and toys, silicone pet product. Welcome readers to leave messages to me for telling me the products you need.

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