Sheet Metal Bending

Sheet metal bending, we should know what? 261 precision sheet metal gold processing, on this two word, its by contains of content, and by involves of aspects is very more of, on like precision sheet metal gold processing processing, and precision sheet metal gold processing equipment,, so today, we on to talk about this while of some knowledge content, so will points step for explained, such everyone learning up also on more easy understanding and master, to is good to digest absorption, eventually can for himself by with, is can from benefit.
1. precision sheet metal processing equipment, precision sheet metal processing equipment, the means used in precision sheet metal processing equipment, generally there are the following, shearing machine, punching machine, bending machine, decoiler, cutting machines, planing machines and spot welding machine and so on, are very important.
2. precision sheet metal processing quality inspection is mainly on two aspects, one is the size, the second is appearance, if requirements are not met, then the repair should be carried out, it is not only for disposal.
3. precision sheet metal processing inspection standards and operating key points
(1) control drawings and requirements for processing, and processed after the completion of the examination, including aspects such as size, to avoid errors or deviations.
(2) the outer surface, can not have bruises, scratches and defects such as indentation, otherwise you'll have to rework or scrap.
(3) testing of precision sheet metal processing products should strictly enforce the requirements, not take treatment.Previous: Sheet Metal Processing Industry Market AnalysisNext: Had To Say In The Laser Cutting Of Sheet Metal Processing Technology

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