Sensor board for quick prototyping module for indoor air quality

Renesas Electronics US082-ZMOD4410EVZ sensor Pmod Board, available now from Mouser, performs quick prototyping of the ZMOD4410 gas sensor module for indoor air quality in a custom system design. The board offers a standard Pmod Type 6A (Extended I2C) connection for the onboard sensor to plug into any needed MCU evaluation kit with a matching connector.

This board incorporates connectors on both sides of the board to provide additional Type 6/6A boards to be connected in a daisy-chained solution with multiple sensors on the same MCU Pmod connector. Software support in the Renesas IDE gives code generation to connect the sensor and the MCU, noticeably reducing development time.

The board is an excellent choice to rapidly produce an IoT system with the Renesas Quick-Connect IoT, utilising the standard connector and software support.

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