Samsung successfully develops DDR5 chips: commercial opportunities are postponed

With the continuous development of modern computer capabilities, the development of memory devices in the direction of higher performance is promoted. DDR5, as the successor of DDR4, can support faster transfer rate and higher capacity. Recently, Samsung Electronics announced the successful development of DDR5 chips, which can provide more powerful and reliable performance to support the growing demands of modern servers.

Samsung DDR5 chips use a new through-silicon-via (TSV) 8-layer technology, which enables a single chip of DDR5 to contain twice the number of stacks compared to DDR4. Each dual inline memory module (DIMM) also provides up to 512GB of storage. With data transfer speeds of up to 4800 MT/s, it is designed to handle heavy workloads. In addition, Samsung DDR5 also has an error correction code (ECC) circuit to improve product reliability.

Although major memory manufacturers have launched DDR5 storage products one after another, the biggest problem is to truly realize the support of DDR5 popular platforms. However, there is currently no platform that officially supports DDR5 memory. AMD is expected to replace the socket on the Zen4 processor in 2021 to support DDR5 memory, while Intel’s 14nm and 10nm processors have not specified DDR5 memory support. The official route The figure shows that the 7nm process Sapphire Rapids processor will only be equipped with DDR5 in 2021, and it is the first server product, and the consumer-level estimate will have to wait.

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