RUSAL cooperates with Svobodny Sokol to produce aluminum tubes

RUSAL announced on the 19th that it will cooperate with Lipetsk Svobodny Sokol to produce aluminum tubes. The aluminum pipe made by the extrusion process can be used for housing and public utilities, oil and gas production, and fire extinguishing, and the future production capacity will exceed 10,000 tons/year. The company also plans to test a new high-strength alloy developed by RUSAL that will give aluminum pipes the same mechanical strength characteristics as steel pipes and cast iron pipes.

Although the price of aluminum pipes is similar to that of high-strength cast iron products, the weight of aluminum pipes is three times lighter than cast iron products, which can help reduce the weight in the field of transportation and installation of pipelines.

Roman Andryushin, Deputy Sales CEO of RUSAL China, emphasized: “Compared with non-alloyed cast iron and steel, aluminum alloy has corrosion resistance because a dense and hard oxide film is formed on the aluminum surface to protect it from Destruction.” These advantages allow us to predict that in the near future, cast aluminum pipes will be as widely used in many industries as steel and cast iron pipes.

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