Rotary Vibration Sieve Silicone Sealing Ring

Usually according to different features material ,there are three different materials rotary vibration sieve silicone sealing rings . This three kinds of sealing ring is respectively: rubber seal, silicone seals, polyurethane seals .The three kinds of silicone sealing ring have different features.
According to material features and choose right sealing ring can prolong the service life of sealing ring .The features of three sealing ring are as following:
1.Rubber sealing ring
Rubber sealing ring is usually used in sealing ring spin vibration sieve equipment accessories .It is low cost and stable performance .But if filtering material is corrosive, high temperature, oily big etc. The rubber sealing ring is not applicable .
2.Silicone sealing ring
The cost is relatively high .But the features of silicone sealing ring are stablity chemical property ,Thermal stability and high adsorption performance, relatively high mechanical strength, etc .
3.Polyurethane sealing ring
Polyurethane sealing ring is not used in spin vibration sieve equipment . The price of polyurethane sealing ring is high .Polyurethane seal is oil resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, etc .
When the choose spin vibration sieve , you should according to the material features, choose the most suitable sealing ring for you .

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