Recycling Technology Of Carbon Fiber Materials

Carbon fiber is widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, sporting goods, medical equipment, and other fields due to its high strength, low density, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance. Therefore, a large number of carbon fibers are produced every year, and the market is still in short supply. Large-scale use will also produce a lot of waste. Carbon fiber is a thermosetting material and cannot be degraded. Although it does not cost a lot of landfills, it pollutes the environment to a certain extent. Can carbon fiber be recycled? With the more and more widespread application of carbon fiber, recycling is a problem that people pay more attention to. As a resource, whether it is natural or artificially synthesized, it should be recycled as much as possible. The resources on the earth are limited. If people keep mining, they will be exhausted one day. Recycling not only saves resources but also protects the environment. Through experiments, scientists have developed methods for carbon fiber waste, such as high-temperature degradation, microwave radiation, etc., but there is an obvious shortcoming. The performance of recycled carbon fiber will decrease, which is very different from the original. However, it is said that a research associate in the United Kingdom has developed an easy and feasible solution that can completely separate the epoxy resin in carbon fiber processing parts and recycle high-performance raw materials. Of course, the above research is only carried out in the laboratory and has not been put into actual production. Because this technology is still immature in many aspects, no one is willing to try it easily.Regarding the carbon fiber recycling technology, it is still under continuous research. In addition to the British researchers mentioned above, scientists in other countries are also studying. Although no good results have been obtained, there have been preliminary results. I believe that the reuse of carbon fiber will be achieved shortly.

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