Professional medical injection mold China

Sino Mould, the professional medical injection molds maker in China, supply medical injection mold China. Now we can supply test tube injection mold, all sets syringe injection mold, medical bottle & cap mold. Also we can offer medical injection molding service to mold medical products China.
China have been in injection molds making line for more than 20 years, and we have rich experience in making medical injection molds, like syringe injection mold with 1 ml,2 ml and 5 ml from 24 cavities to 96 cavities. We all know that medical injection mold has high requirements for injection molding condition. Dustless injection workshop is the precondition for building a factory. Some customers think it is a big cost, like that, we can offer medical injection molding service to provide medical molding product China to him. If customers have the idea to build a new factory,we can help make a rough budget according to the products, then provide a whole production line. If you want to buy medical injection mold, pls contact China, professional injection mold maker will offer high quality sales service, supply medical injection mold or supply all medical injection molding line, we will help you to find a suitable solution as your requirements.


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