Production process of precision CNC machined parts !

With the continuous improvement of science and technology, the development of the machinery industry is in full swing, technicians have invented various processing technologies, and precision CNC machined parts processing is one of them, 
What is its production process for CNC machined parts ? Will it be very cumbersome ?
1. Production process: From design drawings to CNC machined products, it has to go through a series of manufacturing processes. The entire process of converting raw or semi-finished products into products is often referred to as the production process.2. The composition of the process: The cutting process of the part is composed of many processes, each consisting of a station, a step, a pass and an installation.
The above is the production process of precision CNC machined parts processing. From this, it can be seen that each product has to go through a strict production process before it can flow into the market.
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