Pressure sensor for combustion dynamics and thermoacoustic measurements

PCB Piezotronics, Inc has released a new ultra-high temperature pressure sensor for combustion testing and thermoacoustic pressure measurements with a unique design element that removes the requirement for water cooling. The new model 176A31 pressure sensor provides a temperature rating of 1400F (760C).

This new pressure sensor measures combustion dynamics and gas turbine measurements, thermoacoustic measurements, rocket motor combustion instability and any high temperature, dynamic gas pressure measurement. In these demanding test environments, the company’s UHT-12 sensing element employs a crystal created for more accurate, lower noise measurements during large temperature variations.

The pressure sensor offers a high sensitivity of 6pC/psi, a measurement range of 3,000psi (207 bar), and a maximum pressure rating of 5,200psi (359 bar).

“This new design eliminates the need for helium bleed gas and the requirement for water cooling up to 1400 °F,” said Bob Metz, director of sales and marketing for aerospace and defence at PCB Piezotronics. “This makes the new 176A31 pressure sensor an excellent choice for research facilities that perform thermodynamic and acoustic measurements during combustion research.”

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