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Customers find a lot of plastic mould suppliers through internet, and then send mould inquiry to China with them, and then some customers will ask discount from us according to other companies’ prices, we sometimes find that their prices are not enough for us to buy steel materials, not to mention hot runner cost, various processing cost, and tryout cost, etc. We suspect that, the mould in such low price can be produced? Is the mould having guarantee time? Is the supplier providing after sales service? How long is the mould life?

As a customer, have you been do come across the same situation? If you doubt for a very low price, so please believe in yourself, because a good mold needs a optimized design, the most suitable steel material, correct process technique, precise processing, etc., a high quality mould will not sale in low price. In recent years, the mold industry is very competitive, there are many new companies set up, and many companies go bankrupt each year. so when you send mould RFQ to china, firstly, to understand the company’s history and strength, because most mould will run for many years, I think all the customer hope after several years, you can continue get service from the mould company.

Finally, we suggest that before you send mold inquiry to China, it is better to know something about that mould company, such as history and strength, so that the offer you get would be more reliable.

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